Kaitlin M. Murphy’s primary areas of expertise are culture and politics, memory and human rights, and building and rebuilding communities and public spaces during and after conflict. Prior to joining academia, she worked in economic development and arts policy and programming in the Bay Area, California. She is committed to building thriving, equitable communities through work at the intersection of the arts, social justice, and sustainability.

She has over a decade of experience successfully supporting local and international organizations and government agencies, helping build program capacity and to assess and increase overall effectiveness. She draws from leadership and management experience at the program, project, and team level, including managing teams of different sizes. She is skilled at communicating with diverse constituents across different organizational and sociopolitical contexts to develop tailored responses to complex and evolving situations. Projects vary widely and include leading and collaborating on complex research projects, conducting qualitative and quantitative research, policy analysis, designing and leading workshops and trainings, program evaluation, communicating research findings to diverse audiences, making recommendations, and assisting with change management.

Murphy grew up in Northern California, lived in New York during graduate school, and is currently based in the Southwest. She also lived in Latin America as a child and continues to research and work in the region, as well as across the Global South more broadly.

She is fluent in English and Spanish and speaks rusty Portuguese and Italian.