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I consult in a range of thematic areas, including human rights, discrimination, atrocity prevention, the arts, culture, politics, and public thought.

I work as a freelance researcher, editor, writer, and writing project consultant, I lead workshops and trainings, and I work with organizations to evaluate and strategically develop programs. I have provided brief information about each below; please feel free to contact me with any questions or requests for additional information.

Research Projects
The subject and scope of research consulting projects vary greatly, but typically I conduct targeted research on behalf of a client and produce a final report and/or set of deliverables. My interdisciplinary research training and fluency in both English and Spanish enable me to take on a wide range of projects and to creatively adapt my approach to best meet a client’s specific goals.

Workshops and trainings
I lead workshops on a range of topics, including the challenges of cultural trauma on transitional justice, the importance of the arts in building democracy, and the development and function of public memory sites.

Program Evaluation and Development
Program evaluation is critical to strategic growth and success. I conduct comprehensive program evaluation based on a hybrid combination of qualitative and quantitative data and produce thorough recommendations-based final reports designed to highlight best practices and increase the overall effectiveness of programs.

Multilingual: English (native), Spanish (fluent), Portuguese (poor), and Italian (rusty)